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Neighborhood Mobile Watch Patrol

We believe that it is important that all members of our communities feel safe and secure.  The Neighborhood Mobile Watch Patrol program, created by Lance Winslow, is a low-cost program that anyone can initiate in their own communities.  By involving the local Police Department, Chamber of Commerce, and volunteers who are in occupations which require them to travel around many neighborhoods, a neighborhood watch program can be created which will deter criminal activites. 

Now more than ever it is important for all Americans to be observant and watch out for each other.  You may event want to add special information on arson watch to your neighborhood watch program.

The details of this program are outlined in the book "How To Start a Successful Neighborhood Mobile Watch Patrol", written by Lance Winslow.  This book is available online, by clicking on the links below, and for download in PDF format.

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