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Neighborhood Mobile Watch Patrol


First Meeting Agenda (sample)

The 5 Mobile Watch Commandments:

  1. Participants have no police powers.
  2. Participants will carry no weapons while on patrol.
  3. Participants will always obey laws.
  4. Participants will OBSERVE and REPORT.   This is a non-confrontational program.

Hand out Pocket Procedure Manuals that outlines:

  1. Do’s and Don’ts
  2. When to call 911 vs. when to call non-emergency dispatch
  3. What constitutes suspicious circumstances
  4. Phone numbers

Explain to participants:

  1. How to quickly notice vehicle descriptions, license plates, and suspect descriptions.
  2. Show a video from dispatch that discusses the procedure for calling dispatch.
  3. Show videos on gangs, and meth labs.
  4. Discuss how to protect a crime scene.



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