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Neighborhood Mobile Watch Patrol


The Crime Prevention unit for the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office includes a Neighborhood Watch and Mobile Watch program. Their Mobile Community Watch is somewhat different from the program detailed here. Their project works in coordination with the Neighborhood Watch program; citizens patrol their own neighborhood at night on short one-hour shifts. They decide among themselves how often they will go out. For more information and copies of pamphlets that the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office uses for training, contact: Mindy Hendrix, Crime Prevention, (801) 468-2204, mhendrix@co.slc.ut.us.

If you decide to start a Neighborhood Mobile Watch program in your area, please let us know. We would love to be able to add more success stories here. For questions about starting a Neighborhood Mobile Watch program, or to be included in this book as a resource, please contact: Lance Winslow III, 1-800-8789-TRUE, or MobileWatch@lancewinslow.org



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