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Recently, Lance Winslow visited Las Vegas Nevada to scout out business locations.  While there, he was very concerned to learn of a community of homeless people, who were being evicted from their campsites. 

After reading an article in a journal about Las Vegas' plans to eliminate the shanty town, he visited this place himself. (Click here to see the newspaper article on this shanty town).

After spending the day talking to some of the homeless people at shanty town, Lance learned that the city wanted things cleaned up and that other homeless gathering spots were being demolished. However, there are not enough facilities to provide all the necessary lodging for these people.

It is because of these types of problems that Lance supports President Bush's stance on helping people with social services. Community and church based organizations, and groups such as Habitat for Humanity can really make a difference. These organizations are truly battling the war on poverty and are set up to handle the real needs of these forgotten Americans.

There are certainly a lot of people in needs, and no clear cut simple solution.   However, we firmly believe that change begins with just one person.  We've started programs to help the community (Car Wash Fundraisers for youth groups and local charities), and making neighborhoods safer (The Neighborhood Mobile Watch Patrol), and will seek to find ways to help this often avoided segment of our society.  If you have ideas and suggestions, please send them to Ideas@LanceWinslow.org.


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