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A major avenue that we take in promoting our core beliefs is through involving youth in group activities.  By actively supporting youth activities at a local level, everything from high school sports to choir groups, we promote leadership skills, team work, respect for our environment, an understanding of diverse groups of people, and an unyielding desire to succeed in making the world a better place.

One of our most popular activities is assisting youth groups by organizing carwash fundraisers, so that the groups can have necessary funding to continue and thrive.  In addition to the goal of raising funds, these fundraisers teach youth a variety of skills including team work, leadership, basic business skills, environmental regulations, and most of all, respect for others. 

Assisting and organizing fundraisers is only a part of our foundation's activities.  Although, it is one of the most powerful.   By involving youth at a very young age, we give them an opportunity to believe in themselves when they need it most.

Our primary goal is to teach this generation to think, explore, discover, solve problems, reason, and adapt.  All while developing the self confidence to act and achieve goals and dreams without giving up, succumbing to negativity or tuning back. 

The founder, Lance Winslow III has had so much experience and enjoyment from organizing carwash fundraisers that he has written a book on all aspects of executing a successful fundraiser.  The book is available at Barnes and Noble stores nationwide.  To view this book online click here to go to the fundraising section of The Car Wash Guys' website.


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